5 ways to pamper yourself

Stress. We all have it and hate it but it’s inevitable in life.

So how can we cope with stress, especially in the cheapest way possible that doesn’t require a week vaca or spa day? Here are my go-to stress relievers:

  1. Candlelit bath: my absolute go-to lately is run a hot bath with Deep Steep Lavender & Chamomile Bubble Bath, light some candles, and make a cup of tea. Deep Steep is a fantastic product. It’s made with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Jojoba Oil. The smell of it is also amazing.
    I even throw in some Epsom Salts. They are great to relieve muscle tensions, pain, and inflammation in joints, also relieves headaches.

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2. Put on a mud mask: to add to your relaxing “me time” in your bubble bath, slap on some Dead Sea Mud Mask or any mask for that matter. Whatever your heart desires. Dead Sea Mud Mask is pretty awesome because it’s all natural and cheap! You can purchase an 8.8 fl. Oz by Pure Body Naturals for less than $15.00. I personally like clay masks more than peeling off masks but that’s just me.


3.  Moisturize and hydrate: I realise that I am well more stressed when I am dehydrated. I get cranky and exhausted and no one likes a negative nancy. I recently found out about sesame seed oil! And man, I’m glad I did. It’s such an amazing moisturizer. A friend of mine is a yogi and she travels a lot so she’s constantly in airplanes. She said what she does to feel replenished is rub sesame seed oil all over before and after the plane rides. The oil traps in moisture and also helps remove toxins. If the smell is overwhelming you can mix it with some almond oil.

Water is obviously the greatest thing ever to replenish your body but if you get a bit bored with just plain water, try aloe water. It’s rich in natural nutrients and fiber and helps soothe and heal the skin.

4. Pick up a book: get off your phone! Turn it off and put it in a drawer in the kitchen. Go back to your bed and pick up a book or magazine. We’re so obsessed with social media and the constant need for acceptance that it actually causes stress. We see other people posting things we wish we could do and we feel like we have failed at life because we haven’t attained that lifestyle. We see people posting constantly about their new bods and it makes us feel like we aren’t good looking. I know that I go through continuous phases where I delete social media apps off my phone so that I’m more mindful and not stuck on what everyone else is doing in the world. Take this time to de-stress. Instead of stalking your ex, read a book and get lost in it. It’ll do wonders for your mind.


5. Sleep!: simple one. Get some good z’s!! Everyone who knows me knows I love sleeping. Naptimes are my fav times and my naps are usually comas. After a stressful day or week I would rather take a good nap than binge drink my sorrows. Sleep does the body good and resets your mind. So whatever you are stressed about at the moment, pamper your body by crawling into your comfy pj’s after work and take a tiger snooze. You’ll feel refreshed after. Throw on some zen vibes from the app Calm. It’s an awesome app that helps me unwind and stops my overthinking!