5 myths about Australia 


                                             G’day mate!
Yep. Australians actually do say this. Just the other day, I was sat on the train into the city and heard a business man go up to an elderly man sat across from me and said “G’day mate, how’re you goin’?” After 10 months here I still get a dumb grin on my face. It’s too cool to hear. And if I didn’t sound like I was saying “meat” instead of “mate” in a thick American accent, I’d try to say it too.

People from back home ask me random questions about Australia all the time. So here is a short list of the common misconceptions about the land down under.

1. Everything in Australia will kill you.

It’s true that Oz has some crazy, dangerous insects and animals that will kill you but it’s all grossly exaggerated.

I’ve only seen a huntsman spider once. I’ve never encountered a venomous Redback spider that commonly resides in households (thank god). I’ve seen a dingo but only in the zoo. And I’ve only seen one big snake but we accidentally ran over it.

It’s not like the movie Jumanji where shit just pops out at you. In most cases, you would have to be out bushwalking to really come across these deadly things. So chill out, Americans. You’ll make it from the plane to the hotel safely.

Side note: I did see a monitor while hiking once and nearly shat myself. They’re extremely creepy but pretty sure harmless.

2. Fosters. I can’t stress this enough that Australians do not even drink this beer. IT’S AMERICAN. with a kangaroo slapped on the front. I haven’t even seen it in a bar.

3. Shrimp on the barbie. First off, they call shrimp, “prawns”. I’m the only weirdo that says shrimp here. And they don’t throw it on the barbie. Most likely you’ll find heaps of sausages and some kangaroo. Which is absolutely delicious and is claimed to be the healthiest red meat.

4. Everyone dresses like Crocodile Dundee.

I wish, but no. They dress normal unless you’re in the actual outback. I will point out that Aussie blokes in Qld wear the shortest shorts ever…I’m alright with that.

5. Kangaroos hop in the streets. Although there are quite a bit of kangaroos in Aus they don’t hop around most metropolitan areas. I have seen loads in Qld though.

Now that I have said all this, I’m sure I will step outside my door and get into a punching fight with a kangaroo.

(Don’t touch me, mate)


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