Down under

What does the world’s worst traveler look like? Just picture a 30 inch suitcase that could fit a grown man, a duffel bag full of more useless shit, and a confused/extremely sweaty American girl looking all sorts of lost.

That would be me.

Catching my direct flight from Los Angeles to Sydney then Sydney to good ol’ Townsville, Queensland. Where winter is basically American summer. And their summer is basically what it would be like to live in hell or a wood-fire oven. Your sweat is sweating.

I chose to take a huge step. I’d like to say it was the biggest step I have ever taken but there were many more huge steps to come after getting on that flight to Australia. Stepping off the plane was like a butterfly stepping out of its cocoon. I was stripping myself of whoever I was in America. Wiping a clean slate. Starting afresh. I thought I would change. And I hoped that I would change. And looking back after 10 months of being away from everything and everyone I knew in America, I can most definitely say I have changed. I look back on my old diary posts where I ranted about guys or talked about my low self esteem and now I have become rather boastful. I did it. I lived almost an entire year by myself in a foreign country. How many people can say they have done that? Sometimes my depression truly masks how amazing that is.

I couldn’t have done the first 6 months alone without the amazing comfort from my host family in Queensland. Taylor, the au pair I replaced, and Stephanie, the host mum, truly did everything to make me feel happy and safe my first month. And I’m forever grateful for that.

So since I am far too lazy to write all about my actual trip right this second, I will begin my first post with a small bucket list I have created that I think everyone should do if they come to Australia.

1. Eat vegemite straight off a spoon – because I was bullied to…

2. Hike Wallaman Falls – highest, permanent, single drop waterfall in Australia.

3. Boat trip to the Whitsunday Island – stop at Whitehaven Beach for sheer beauty.

4. Obviously hold a koala and pet a kangaroo – with a selfie or two.

5. Snorkel with sea turtles and stingrays – while in the Great Barrier Reef.

6. Stargaze an open road – don’t knock it till you try it. Australia’s open outback roads are intoxicating at night. Plus you’d see a car coming and whatnot…

7. Josephine Falls – you can slide down a natural waterslide and not hurt your bum. The most fun I’ve had since I was 3.

8. Drink in Airlie Beach – the most fun I’ve had since college. will drink with the most fun backpackers I have ever met.

9. St. Kilda at 9pm – you can see penguins waddle in from the water.

10. Hike Castle Hill in North QLD – you will actually feel like you are dying but a view at the end that’s well worth it.

11. Enjoy a rooftop bar in Melbourne – Melbourne has genuinely the best rooftop bars and hidden beer gardens.

12. Go to Byron Bay – I don’t need to give a reason. It’s fucking beaut.

13. Wilsons Prom – I have yet to do this but will before I leave…I hear it’s all sorts of wonderful.

14. Eat fish and chips by the beach – if you feel like getting mauled by seagulls.

15. Run up Sydney Opera House steps – you will look like an idiot but it’s still fun.

16. Hike Tongariro Alpine Crossing in North Island New Zealand – the most epic thing I have ever done.

I have a couple more weeks left in this fine country and now all the memories are flooding back to me. Might as well continue this whole blog thingy!!

What does the world’s worst traveler look like after 10 months? A 75L backpack that smells like a dead person, barely any clothes, and I still sweat a ton while always looking confused.

Cheers. x


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